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A Beautiful Bird Day (2023)

A Beautiful Bird Day (2023) Movie Download

Mar. 19, 202344 Min.
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The story is centered around the transgender protagonist Tzu-chi who has left home for six years and her sister Tzu-chuan with whom she has fallen out of touch for years. From reencountering each other with Tzu-chuan unable to recognize Tzu-chi, to the emotional nuances triggered by the subsequent recognition, the story profiles the protagonist’s gender identity, the contempt and even discrimination she faces from her work and social environment, and conflicts with her family. In the story, the protagonist goes through a series of unfortunate incidents with her sister. Long-repressed emotions and pressures finally pop the cap off, but this also becomes an opportunity for Tzu-chuan to resolve her inner conflicts. This film presents the theme “one can only truly move forward in life by newly confronting the obstacles they did not overcome in the past.”

Original title 關山渡若飛


Kun-Hou Teng


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